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10 Reasons Meghan McCain’s Dirty Sexy Politics Should Have Been Called Ironic Clueless Narcissist

Posted on September 10 2010 8:00 am

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The long awaited train wreck known as Meghan McCain’s Dirty Sexy Politics was released August 31, 2010. She totally wrote it. By. Herself. And we read it – the entire 194, long, painful pages. We are givers like that, even though we are now slack-jawed and drooling givers, but still. If you’ve read Meggie Mac’s Daily Beast articles, you can pretty much guess at the level of insight offered by the book. In fact, our 11 Chapters Axed post was eerily prescient, sadly.

In any event, the book at times caused a slight glimmer of sympathy. Until, you know, the next sentence wherein Meggie Mac would once again make everything all about Her. And her edginess – which is about as edgy as a spoon.

Enjoy – it is a tale told by a useful idiot. Full of sound and fury. And signifying nothing.

1. Irony Inundates the Introduction

Oh, dear. From the very start of Meghan McCain’s Dirty Sexy Politics, the pages were rife with unintentional irony. The introduction itself set the tone. Worse, she even brings up being ironic herself in the introduction, after she explains that she has a score to settle with the Republican party, which she thinks has “lost its way.” You know, because they aren’t all super cool progressives and such. Sadly, she fails to see the true irony in her own statements:

I realize that it’s ironic that this book tells the story of my own struggle to get my act together. But, it is one of the bizarre realities of life that you can be a mess yourself but still see so clearly what is wrong with others.

I’m leaving the first sentence alone. I think the hilarity of the implication that any act was gotten together speaks for itself. As for the second sentence – oh, Meggie.  I realize that you are surrounded by mostly users or yes-men. However, someone must tell you the harsh truth.  Someone who is a total wreck and, yet, still chooses to believe that she is qualified – with no actual qualifications –  to pass judgment on others? That’s called a sanctimonious, delusional hypocrite. Kind of like how you went on to say about the Republican party that if you don’t “hold the accepted attitudes, then you don’t fit in.”

Um. Does H8r!!11 ring a bell? You want a “big tent” – for everyone who only agrees with you. Disagree? Get out, H8r!

Somehow being a Republican isn’t a political decision anymore. It is a lifestyle choice. You have to look one way, think one way, and act one way

I thought “progressive Republicans”were all about the lifestyle choice! Or, is that another instance when only one kind of choice counts? Secondly, I don’t know what kind of Republicans you know, but I know very few who look one way, think one way or act one way. We are individuals, you see. Not sheep trying to fit in with the allegedly cool kids.

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