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More Lies From the Back-Stabbing, Anti-Anti-Islam Brigade

Posted on September 9 2010 2:13 pm
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John Gwardeano has another falsehood-ridden post at Frum Forum attacking his former friends.

By the way: the policy of intentionally misspelling Gwahndiano’s last name will stand until he chooses to show some respect to those who have indulged him so generously in the past. (God knows how many of Gweandeano’s anti-gays-in-the-military posts and In-Defense-Of-David-Frum posts I permitted only to be libeled as a bigot.)  When he answers Robert Spencer’s original rebuttal to him or addresses the question of defining what “moderate Islam” is then I’ll correct every single misspelling of his name on the site.

Again, he fails to respond to any of the facts or arguments we’ve presented. Again, he repeats himself, invoking the cliched McCarthyism metaphor. (He made the same comparison during the original “moderate Islam” debate.) And again, he lies. (Calvin Freiburger unmasked the most recent falsehood leveled against Andy McCarthy here.)

This is really embarrassing:

In short, Islam “sucks,” says NewsReal contributor Andrew Klavan.  It is “the enemy’s ideology,” adds Klavan’s NRB colleague Bosch Fawstin. “And evading that fact only helps its agents get away with more murder than they would otherwise.”

1. Andrew Klavan isn’t a contributor to NRB, unfortunately. We just embed his videos sometimes. If every time we embed a video of someone it means they’re a “contributor” to the publication then I guess Ahmadinejad is a contributor.

2. In the video cited Klavan doesn’t say “Islam sucks.” He asks the question and argues that Imam Rauf’s behavior regarding the Ground Zero mosque will answer it.

That he lies further by trying to link us to the nutjob “pastor” in Florida — when all the posts we’ve had on the story have been condemning the man — shows his dishonesty even more. NRB‘s position on this is clear: don’t burn the Koran, read it. The Florida “pastor” and his church are engaged in an empty-headed provocation that accomplishes nothing.

If Ghahardiano can’t even get his facts right about easy things like Klavan’s video then how can anyone expect him to handle a more difficult subject like the nature of Islam? Gjhahn jwarDian’oh might have some nice things to say about the military and the Afghanistan war but he’s talking through his hat on everything else — especially Islam.

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