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White House Sends in Queen Let-Them-Eat-Tofu To Save the Party

Posted on September 8 2010 1:00 pm
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After Lady Mac-chelle drops the kids off at their $30,000 a year school on Tuesday,  she’ll head back home to her ivory tower. While Mr. Unpopular’s poll numbers are in free fall with the riff-raff,  David Axelrod is taking no chances with the mom-in-chief and her propensity for downright meanness on the campaign trail:

I think she’s happy to go out and support folks who stood up for things that she thinks are important, but I don’t think she’s eager to jump into the fray in a very political way, and I don’t think she will.

Michelle’s own poll numbers with the ‘folks’ took a nosedive after her trip to Spain, down from 66% approval on July 22 to 50% at the end of August. That’s quite a fall from grace but what’s done, is done.

Next up? On Wednesday, she takes her ‘Let’s Move’ anti-obesity campaign to New Orleans. If Michelle’s history is any indication, it’s all about cost not compassion.

Health care is where the ‘patient-dumping’ exec from the University of Chicago Medical Center really bares her teeth. Along with PR man Axelrod, Michelle concocted the perfect scheme for ridding the medical center of those pesky peasants invading its emergency room.

The hospital shelled out over $300 thousand a year for  Mrs. Obama’s  efforts in successfully circumventing the federal EMTALA law(Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act)   redirecting patients to neighborhood clinics.

With President Obama declaring September National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and stating that he intends to “marshal the combined forces of the federal government…to respond to this crisis”  her majesty will be free to implement guidelines and policies beginning with the Left’s favorite target- poor children.

In a recent video the First  Lady suggests that pediatricians not only measure the little ones’ body mass index(BMI)  but write prescriptions  if necessary. The administration has allocated $10 billion over the next 10 years for Michelle’s no-fat campaign. She can do a lot of damage with that kind of money. Just ask the minorities and the poor  she escorted out the door at the medical center where she raked in a piddling $317 thousand per year.

In a New York Times article outlining Mrs. Obama’s itinerary for the month of September the author suggests that the First Lady is the “White House’s best hope for exciting the party’s lethargic base.”


The Obama administration’s last-ditch effort 56 days before the elections epitomizes their arrogant disregard for the financial circumstances of the American people over the last two years. They have squandered the natural good will and trust of the citizenry with audacious charges of racism, class warfare tactics and high on the hog living.

Michelle Obama chose to take one vacation after another during this past summer of non-recovery.  She continues to party in the White House and hawk her Marxist state-controlled programs like ‘Let’s Move’ while  eating ice cream, pizza and lobster.

If she’s the last, best hope of the Democrats, it’s all over for them in November. And they will only have their petty, self- indulgent and mediocre selves to blame.

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