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Red Eye: Hey, This Sounds Pretty Ironic

Posted on September 8 2010 11:00 am
I'm a newly born Conservative, recovering from a life of misguided liberalism. 40-something, born in Seattle and raised in Washington State.
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The Al Gore, Rachel Carson school will cost $800 million. DDT costs $0.43 a pound. Now that's an inconvenient truth

After a week away, it’s delightful to be back writing about “Red Eye.”

Tonight, Greg Gutfeld played host to Patti Ann Browne, Greg Proops and Dana Vachon where they discussed Obama bringing sexy back and a study showing “soul mates” tend not to do well. I sense a November, 2012 separation.

The story of the night, and also the Greg-Alogue, was about a new school in Los Angeles being named after Al Gore and Rachel Carson. Carson, you may remember, wrote the book Silent Spring, which lead to a reversal of pesticide policy and the ban on DDT.

DDT is the pesticide that was responsible for keeping down the mosquito population in Africa. Now, millions of people have died of malaria, but the mosquito is saved!

Al Gore invented the Internet and anthropogenic global warming. Also, he has chakras.

You might be tempted to find a school named after a woman whose writings indirectly killed millions of children to be ironic, but you’d be wrong.

Said Gutfeld:

But that would be an incorrect usage of the word irony.

Because, Rachel Carson’s ideology is poison, responsible in part for the deaths of millions of children worldwide. It seems only fitting that a structure named after her SHOULD be the cherry on the contaminated cake.

The contaminated cake? Apparently, this $800 Million school is being built on a field of … toxic waste.

Yep, according to activists, the soil there contained more than “a dozen underground storage tanks serving light industrial businesses,” and even more ooze may have come from tanks of a nearby gas station.

I suppose the Tipper Gore Organic Garden is out, then.

I can think of no better monument to two radical environmentalists than a school on polluted soil. $800 million for a building holding a mere 600 students and the only spot they could find for it is directly on top of industrial waste? I’d laugh, if I weren’t too busy caring about our soon to be three-eyed children.

As TV’s Andy Levy pointed out during the halftime report:

The great thing about this school is every student gets to fly there on their personal Lear jet.

That’s a perfect summary statement, as it correctly embodies the Left’s environmental policy. Throw money at ideology while completely ignoring practical realities. It’s not an eco-trip; it’s an ego trip.

$800 million buys one contaminated school. It also buys 80 million mosquito nets, or approximately 1.8 billion pounds of DDT.

But, at least, 600 kids a year will get to say they went to Gore High. Then, decades later, they can contact the offices of James R. Sokolove when they get mesothelioma, or a brain tumor.

Thank Gaia people like Gore have priorities.

Chris Barnhart is a conservative social and political blogger. He can also be found frequently haunting Twitter.

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