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Interview With GOProud’s Christopher Barron

Posted on September 8 2010 9:00 pm
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As you may know, GOProud is the only gay conservative organization out there and they’re doing a NYC fund raiser, featuring Ann Coulter, called Homocon. Right Wing News is sponsoring the event.

Naturally, this has generated a lot of controversy, so I decided to interview Christopher Barron, the chairman of GOProud, talk about the whole controversy and some related issues.

What follows is the slightly edited transcript of our conversation.

Joseph Farah has been trying to draw attention to WorldNetDaily by publicly disinviting Ann Coulter from a WND convention she wasn’t booked for in the first place over her appearance at Homocon. Now Farah’s gone on gay radio shows to denounce Coulter for speaking to your group, which is kind of weird if you think about it. Honestly I consider Farah to be a clown and I don’t think he believes anything he’s saying. I think it’s a publicity thing for him. Still, he’s drawing a lot of attention to your event; so I think it’s fair to ask, do you have any comments on Joe Farah?

My only comment is I think at this point, it’s clear exactly what this has been about. Ann said from the get-go that the reason why Farah did this was publicity — and everything that Farah has done from the moment that he cancelled Ann from a speaking engagement which she wasn’t even booked for makes it clear that this is about nothing more than publicity. If he was really standing on principle, it would be one thing. I’d still disagree with it, but it would be one thing — but he’s not standing on principle, he’s pretending to stand on principle to promote his website. He’s learned what the liberals have learned, that if you attack Ann Coulter, you get attention. Surprise, surprise, it works for the Left and it works for Joseph Farah.

Now believe it or not, I have actually not caught a lot of flack for sponsoring Homocon. Very little, actually. But still, I’ve heard some complaints and there are two I’ve heard most often. So I wanted to pitch them out to you and let you just respond to the ones I’ve heard most often.

The first is that GOProud is a group that engages in identity politics and conservatives shouldn’t support groups that do that. What would you say to that?

Continue reading at Right Wing News.

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