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Top 6 Talk Radio Moments of This Week: Talk Radio Tackles Sharia, ‘Moderate’ Islam and the Ground Zero Mosque

Posted on September 7 2010 8:00 am
Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now entering its 11th year online. Her latest book is Acoustic Ladylandkathy shaidle, which Mark Steyn calls "a must-read."

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I write a weekly recap for another website, putting together audio and webcam highlights from the week in conservative talk radio. I always have way more material than I can possibly use.

And believe me, my friends and family get pretty sick of me trying to get all those leftovers out of my brain by dumping “fascinating” tidbits on them:

“So Kathy, how was your day?”

“Well, Glenn Beck got a haircut, and Rush finally sold his penthouse…”

You think I’m kidding. I could make a great deal of money with a gossip magazine that will never be invented.

Hence this special post, you luckies! Don’t worry, though: I’ve promised to focus on talk radio’s biggest names tackling the Ground Zero mosque and other stories related to creeping sharia. I promise: no haircuts.

First up: “Glenn Beck should convert to Islam!”

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