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Is the King of Social Networking Accepting Antisemitism?

Posted on September 7 2010 4:02 pm

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Facebook might be the king of social networking sites but it's not the king of hearts.

Facebook has recently become the “king” of social networking sites after its expansion in the last few years has brought millions of new people with all various opinions. Facebook even has a new group called “Jewish pickup lines” which has been quite popular in attracting fellow Jews with jokes about our culture and religion. Some of these pickup lines are quite funny and show people’s wit and charismatic side towards Israel and the Jewish people. The point of this group was to unite people based on humor not hate. But obviously not all Facebook groups are as positive about Israel and Jews in general.

According to Israel National News, one of the leaders in national and local news for the state of Israel,

“Anti-Israel racist hate groups are mushrooming on the Facebook social networking Internet website, with few controls being exerted to stem what is threatening to eventually become a possible riptide sponsored by and catering to anti-Semites and Muslims.”

They have recorded around 200 pages which illustrate hate towards the state of Israel and the Jewish people.

Being an active Facebook user, I have come across many groups which exemplify hate towards Israel and the Jewish population. At first, I never believed that people really could show such hate on a public networking site but after seeing many derogatory comments I realized that this hate was real. As a Jew and a pro-Israel activist, I have always questioned how and by whom these hateful groups are created. Most of you may think that it’s a good portion of the Islamic population, which is true; however, you will be shocked to find out that many Jews also participate as active members of these groups. I first found this out when I went onto a group page called “Remove Israel off the map.” I was astonished to see that a few Jews — that I recognized by last name — were indeed making these derogatory comments towards Israel. I decided to research this further by going onto their Facebook pages and adding a few of them as friends. A common similarity that I found between these 4 self-hating Jews was that they all identified themselves with the Left.

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