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Children Under Sharia Law, Part 3: Chechen Girls Not Wearing Headscarves Targeted with Violence During Ramadan

Posted on September 7 2010 11:00 am
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Violence shown for those who were caught without headscarves.

How do you celebrate your biggest holiday of the year?  Well in at least one Muslim region, men are celebrating Ramadan by using violence against girls and women who will not wear head coverings.  As Sharia is spreading in parts of Russia, attacks on females of all ages is growing right along with it.

Though only Reuters and Human Rights Watch has seemed to notice, brutality against women all over Chechnya has broken out lately.  Chechnya is a federal republic of Russia that is almost completely Muslim and pushes Sharia law even when it goes against Russian law.  Their Moscow-backed President, Ramzan Kadyrov has been a big proponent of such terror against women.

Since Ramadan began in mid-August there has been a huge uptick in assaults on any girls or women who are not wearing the Muslim headscarves or who are deemed dressed too revealing. Reuters has reported that bearded men in traditional Islamic attire are roaming the streets attacking women who aren’t dressed in strict Muslim attire.  Some of the men have even held automatic rifles at the women while instructing them on their sinful attire.

Many of the men claim to be part of Chechnya’s High Islamic Council and some of the attackers have turned out to even be Chechen law enforcement.  One of the attackers was proud of what they were doing, but refused to give his name to Reuters.

“We are trying to warn women of their possible sins before God.  We do this through force, fighting and battles.” – Attacker

Many women from school age to middle-age are living in fear.

“A woman in her mid-30s said she was punched in the face by a man in Islamic dress after refusing to put on a headscarf he had given her.” – Reuters

These attacks aren’t the first reports of strict and violent acts of Sharia in the Russian republic.  Just before these assaults, a spiritual leader in the Chechen region went against Russian law and demanded that all restaurants close during Ramadan.  Moreover, a few years ago Kadyrov banned women from entering state buildings without headscarves, and young girls in schools and young women in college must also wear the head coverings.  Such rulings are against Russian law, but the Russian government has ignored the law breaking and has turned a blind eye to the violence.

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