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Muslims Worshipers Occupy Paris Streets Illegally – Are We Tolerant or What?

Posted on September 6 2010 8:00 am
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Mark Steyn, whose book “America Alone” provoked a flurry of quasi-judicial activity in Canada from the usual human rights sock puppets, must be feeling these days like his only mistake was underestimating the speed and scope of the problem he described.

Steyn’s essential point was when a moribund secularized society – unsure of what it believes in and equally uninterested in reproducing itself – accepts into its midst large numbers of prolific, zealous and inherently hostile members of another society, it doesn’t work out well for that first society.

This is a lesson that was driven home with some force in ancient Rome sometime around 400 A.D. As bad as that was, the Islamization of Europe, once it is come to full fruition, will make the Visigoths look like a friendly merger. (The other salient difference is, for all their obvious distress, the Romans didn’t have to endure togaed apparatchiks prattling on about “the moderate Visigoth community” while throwing open the gates — but I digress.)

If Steyn were looking for further validation of this thesis – and there’s no good reason he’d require it – he need only look at recent videos of mass Muslim prayer gatherings conducted on the streets of Paris in open defiance of the law.

A hidden camera shows streets blocked by huge crowds of Muslim worshippers and enforced by a private security force.

This is all illegal in France: the public worship, the blocked streets, and the private security. But the police have been ordered not to intervene.

Presumably President Obama – Citizen of the World and  frequent pontificator on matters not remotely connected to his office – was unavailable for comment. Otherwise he might have reminded us, with that stern expression and sibilant “s” we all find so convincing, that thousands were guillotined in the French Revolution so that people like this could enjoy the right of illegal public assembly, or whatever.

Those of us without Obama’s Spengler-like command of world history might have to settle for a more modest explanation, which is that the Stealth Jihad Robert Spencer so eloquently describes in his book of the same name, is progressing more or less unimpeded in Europe, and is a harbinger of what will inevitably befall the United States if we don’t stop shooting messengers like Spencer and Pamela Geller and start calling things by their real names.

It would also be beneficial – notwithstanding the Left’s well-documented contempt for concepts like “restoring honor” – to do some deep thinking about what actually made America the greatest nation on earth, just how far we’ve wandered off that particular path, and how best to return to it. Otherwise, as Steyn argues so convincingly, the invaders we so decry will win by default.

There is at least one civic official in New York City who should take a long hard look at this video, not that I have the slightest confidence he would either comprehend, or wish to comprehend, its contents. He’s one of those benighted souls, like Diogenes with his lamp, wandering the streets of lower Manhattan looking for a moderate Muslim.

(HT: Trevor Loudon @ New Zeal)

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