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10 Reasons Meghan McCain’s Dirty Sexy Politics Should Have Been Called Ironic Clueless Narcissist

Posted on September 5 2010 4:00 pm

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8. The Message Shouldn’t Be Pro-Life; It Should Be Crazy-Sex

Sarah Palin is icky and drama-y. Piper Palin totally stomps her edge-y buzz. What about Bristol Palin? Oh, she doesn’t escape the scorned wrath of Meggie Mac either. She uses Bristol to get back to her favorite topic – the topic of her first chapter even – Crazy-Sex! She describes her thought process, term used loosely, when she learned of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Of course, she made it all about herself and how an unplanned pregnancy is her worst nightmare. Even more nightmare-ish because she doesn’t think there is any way to ensure that it doesn’t happen – abstinence is for suckers, losers:

Abstinence doesn’t seem practical to me. It seems like a way of avoiding reality and real conversations about complicated things like pregnancy and STDs. Abstinence sends a message that sex is wrong or dirty. It isn’t wrong or dirty to me.

Yes, we know, Meghan. As you’ve told us all relentlessly. Unsolicited. She then babbles on using the words “statistics show” while never  referring to any actual statistics nor any real facts. Earlier in the book, she faux-empathized with Bristol having to wear over-sized frumpy sweatshirts to disguise her then unknown pregnancy. But, when the pregnancy was announced and Bristol’s “sweatshirt was gone – replaced with a stunning wardrobe”, Miss Perfect found fault with that, too. Now, people were being too kind. They weren’t being remorseful enough. Why, they were discussing, happily, a new life!  To Meghan, this wasn’t good news:

Did the campaign really want to suggest that a pro-life message was more important than a message of how to avoid teenage pregnancy to begin with?

Gee, Meghan, perhaps not killing a baby is an important message? I know that’s not all super sexy and trendy. But what more can you expect from we drooling rube-ish Conservatives? We are dumb old squares and all, right?

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