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10 Reasons Meghan McCain’s Dirty Sexy Politics Should Have Been Called Ironic Clueless Narcissist

Posted on September 5 2010 4:00 pm

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5. Yay Tolerance! Yay Differences! (Aren’t Mormons Weird and Hilarious?)

In that seething cesspool of bigotry known as the GOP, “progressive Republican” Meghan McCain fancies herself an enlightened beacon of hopenchange. Translation: unlike those closed-minded wingnuts, she’s all about tolerance.  “Under that big, wide-open sky of Arizona, where I grew up, there seemed to be room for everybody,” she recalls.

But now, Meggie believes Republicans have veered too far to the right, losing sight of Barry Goldwater’s vision:

It was about removing fences, not building them. It was about tolerance. It was about appreciating differences and new ideas.

And no one appreciates differences and new ideas more than Meghan.  Unless your differences come from being one of those eminently mockable Mormons:

My roommates and I had lots of jokes about the Romneys, who seemed doomed to join the campaign any second. They were all so handsome in a tooth-whitener commercial kind of way, and so seriously wholesome.  We wondered whether the Five Brothers, the nickname for the Romney sons, could handle the constant drinking and swearing that went on in our campaign — the press corps included. Not to mention all the tawdry stories about crazy-sex that you never read about.

Nothing like a good stereotype or two to establish yourself as a model of tolerance and inclusiveness.

But no worries. Just like other “progressives,” Meghan believes she’s exempt from practicing what she preaches from her holier-than-thou soapbox. You see, unlike those mouth-breathing conservatives, she knows better. Her “celebrate diversity” credentials are already in order, so she’s entitled to do and say as she pleases. Little does she know that her personal cloud of self-righteous smug doesn’t actually prevent us from seeing her hypocrisy.

Just in case, Meghan has a defense ready: she’s only intolerant of Mitt Romney and his family because they’re (probably) the intolerant ones.

{L]ike all humor, my jokes about Romney shielded something very real.  It wasn’t so much that I disapproved of the Romneys. I worried they’d disapprove of me — my bleached hair, my swearing, my ‘edgy’ clothes, not to mention my gay friends. Would they accept me or scorn me as some kind of closet liberal who didn’t fit in?

The Romneys who live in Meghan’s head hate her hair, her clothes, and of course, The Gays.  The Romneys who live beyond the boundaries of Meggie’s edgy-as-a-cotton-ball hair?  They don’t really matter to Me-Me-Meggie.

Isn’t it a stroke of luck that we have Meghan McCain, the very epitome of open-mindedness, to lead the GOP into a new era of tolerance?

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