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Labor Day: Celebrating Another Year of Special Union Memories

Posted on September 4 2010 9:00 am
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It’s Labor Day weekend! Fire up the grill and let’s ponder what Labor Day is all about…

The official Labor Day holiday, passed under Grover Cleveland in 1894 , was thought to be a way of reconciliation with the laborers and unions after a period of serious unrest. Since that time, Americans have celebrated this day without much thought to the destructive and corrupt nature unions have taken on over the years.

The defense of poor working hours and conditions was needed at one time, but over the decades, the purpose and agenda of unions has changed dramatically and to our detriment. Jobs have been lost and factories shut down when companies could no longer afford to operate under the huge demands of unions. Still more jobs have gone overseas. Members are baffled at what their dues are doing for them while union bosses spend millions promoting the socialist and global agendas and electing their chosen politicians.

The destructive effect unions have on us is exploding with an administration that is in bed with them. Top union leaders like Andy Stern (formerly head of SEIU) and Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO) have been at the top of the White House visitors list.

Among their many 2010 “accomplishments” are the following:

Unions Destroy California Pension Reform Bill

Unions Outspending Corporations on Campaign Ads Despite Court Ruling

AFL-CIO’s Trumka Calls for New Global Economic Order

Trumka Works for Global Financial Tax

None Dare Call It Coincidence: Andy Stern & the White House Biodefense Program

Trumka on the Employee Free Choice Act

Communist Party Honors SEIU & AFSCME Leaders

US Marxist Union Boss Promotes Ties to Kiwi Mega Union

In perhaps their most pathetic move of the year, SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFT and others are joining with your favorite progressive politicians and organizations everywhere to sponsor the “Get Even With Glenn Beck” rally on October 2nd . (The actual name for the rally is One Nation, but I prefer mine. Note their red star logo….I wonder what that’s all about?)  In a team effort, they will attempt to display their ability to organize something bigger than anything Beck could do. It may take them millions of (your) dollars and a massive national network to do it, but by golly, they’ll show him!

So go ahead, throw a burger on that grill and celebrate. Fill up your plate while you can. The union leaders’ plates are quite full, so don’t look for much from them right now. They have a lot more on their plates besides getting an extra sick day added to your work calendar, I assure you.

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