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Sponsors of Ground Zero Mosque Are Proud Of Louis Farrakhan And Friends’ Endorsement

Posted on September 3 2010 2:00 pm

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The mega-mosque complex planned for the vicinity of Ground Zero (originally called the Cordoba House but now referred to as Park 51) has just picked up the endorsement of the radical Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan and some of his like-minded friends. The web site of the Cordoba Initiative (the web site still uses the reference to Cordoba, the site of Islamic conquest in Spain) trumpeted the endorsement, which was contained in a press release issued a few days ago by an organization known as the Coalition of African American Muslims.

The press release explained the reason for the endorsement this way:

The controversy over the Park 51 Project (Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan) is indicative of a general rise in racist bigotry towards people of color in this country. While the issue has its particular and unique distinctions, it cannot be separated from the rising violence against African Americans and Latinos, or the increasingly inflammatory rhetoric and exclusionary politics driving the national debate on immigration.

As African-American Muslims, we feel our unique perspective has been missing from an emerging national discussion. We wish to join that discussion by first of all affirming that among our forbears are Muslims who have lived peacefully and productively in this country since its inception. They, and others among our people have sacrificed too much, both in enduring the horrors and brutalities of chattel slavery, and during the long march to freedom, civil and human rights for us to silently accept a return to Jim Crow exclusionary practices and policies that relegate either ourselves or our co-religionists from other ethnic backgrounds to second-class citizenry.

In one fell swoop, the principled opposition of the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers to the placement of this particular mosque so close to Ground Zero becomes  “a return to Jim Crow exclusionary practices” and part of the same “racist bigotry” that is supposedly driving the debate over illegal immigration. What a load of race-baiting crap! Yet the sponsors of the mega mosque complex put it right up there on their web site.

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