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James Lee Is The Environmentalist Movement’s Scott Roeder

Posted on September 3 2010 11:11 am
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Unfortunately, there are dangerous kooks, trigger-happy wackos, and lone gunmen out there. Bad people exist. Crazy people exist — and every so often, one of them snaps and there’s a resulting body count. To most people, this is just a tragic fact of life.

However, to liberals in the media who are forever baffled by events that the average person has grasped since he was a child, these killers tend to break down into three groups. If they’re devout Muslims and are connected to terrorists, then they must have killed for some reason OTHER than their religion. If they’re conservative murderers, then they must have killed because of Glenn Beck, talk radio, the Tea Party movement, or whoever the hot conservative villain of the moment is and they’re obviously part of a wider trend. On the other hand, if they’re liberal, well then, at best the killer in question must be some random wacko who should immediately be forgotten. At worst, liberals try to paint leftward leaning killers as conservatives. They did this with Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell, who was a registered Democrat and the Holocaust museum shooter, James Von Brunn, who was an “anti-Christian, 9/11 ‘truther’ who hated the Bushes and ‘the neo-cons'”. — John Hawkins, “Liberal Violence: Five Names You Should Know”

Yesterday, a surprisingly run-of-mill, left-wing enviro-wacko namedJames Lee took people hostage at the Discovery Channel headquarters.

Lee, who was inspired by Al Gore’s documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘ (The Turner Diaries of the wacky left, apparently) showed up at the building with guns, explosives, and a wacky manifesto demanding that we reduce the human population. Happily, only one member of the human population, James Lee, was reduced during the stand-off. Granted, it might have been amusing to hear him rave about how inspirational Al Gore was when he was on trial, but the fact that he’s dead means that there’s no chance that some sympathetic left-wing judge might only give him a slap on the wrist.

Read the whole thing at Right Wing News.

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