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Denver Public Schools: With High Pregnancy Rates, Low Test Scores and Clueless Parents Progressives Go in for the Kill

Posted on September 3 2010 9:00 am

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BRS has an 87% Hispanic population and 95% of the students qualify for the federal meal program. In 2009 even after the  PR campaign by Progressive Promotions and all of Dr. Waters’ hard work, the school still didn’t achieve minimum levels of improvement set by the state of Colorado. Their AYP(Adequate Yearly Progress) score was dismally low. Waters left the school in 2009 to work under Boasberg as his assistant in the Reform and Innovation program for Denver Public Schools. She joined fellow crony,  Michael Vaughan, former adviser to Arne Duncan when he was head of Chicago Public Schools.

The middle school, with grades 6-12, was an easy mark for instituting the progressive agenda. With 13 students giving birth in the last two years coupled with the overall high teen pregnancy rate in Denver, the district “reversed its long-standing policy barring contraceptive distribution by school-based clinics.” After the March meeting where an overwhelming majority of parents handed their kids over to the birth-control obsessed progressives, Superintendent Boasberg wrote the state funded insurance provider, Denver Health, in support of the school’s decision to pass out contraceptives to children. Only conscience-less leftists can feel no remorse for making parents complicit in their own children’s destruction.

The principal, Cesar Cedillo , frustratingly surrendered his students to the educational corruptocrats with this statement:

What it comes down to is we had these high expectations but girls were still getting pregnant. What were we going to do about it?

The radicals had their eyes on this school for a long time ready to pounce. Now Bruce Randolph has become the first Denver school to boast a state-funded birth-control clinic that services sixth-graders without having to notify the parents.

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