Michael van der Galien

After 1.5 Years of Obama, Everybody’s Longing for the Days of Bush

Posted on September 3 2010 10:00 am
Michael van der Galien was born in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden in 1984. For as long as he can remember, he has been obsessed with the United States. When he was 17 years old, he started blogging - of course about America. His articles have been published at Big Hollywood, Pajamas Media, Hot Air (the GreenRoom) and Right Across The Atlantic. He's also an editor for the Dutch conservative blog, De Dagelijkse Standaard.

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Victor Davis Hanson wrote a fantastic column for Pajamas Media, in which he tries to explain why former President George W. Bush is now more liked than his successor, also known as the secular messiah, President Barack Obama.

He lists ten such reasons, every single one of the convincing. A small selection of the most persuasive – and often ironic – ones:

1) The Obama record. We naturally compare Bush to his chief critic and successor Barack Obama — and find the latter increasingly wanting as time goes by. Obama turned Bush’s misdemeanor deficits into felonious trillion-dollar annual shortfalls. He will pile up more debt than any other prior president.

In this regard, it’s important to point that out that no matter how bad Obama’s record already is deficit-wise, it’ll be even worse if he’s reelected. If you think he’s smothering the economy to death already, wait until he starts on his second term. It’ll be even worse – and Americans know it.

2) Obama as Bush. Senator and then candidate Obama demagogued Bush on a variety of issues, which, as president, he simply flipped and endorsed. Remember Bush’s gulag at Guantanamo? Or how about the terror-producing Predators? Or the need for an immediate pull-out from Iraq? Or those terrible renditions and tribunals?

Most fascinating about this argument is that Obama’s flip-flops should make him more, not less popular among the hawkish part of the electorate (the majority). Instead, however, his changing his opinion has caused these voters to lose respect for a man they at least thought was honest and genuine. They now know this is not the case. He was just demagoguing, and he’s being punished for it.

Then there are, of course, progressive voters who disagreed strongly with Bush’s foreign and anti-terrorism policies and who are truly disappointed by Obama’s flip-flops. He has, they feel, betrayed them. Now, if you remember that these voters are his base, it suddenly becomes understandable why The One has lost support across the board.

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