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Soros trying to keep new conservative Canadian TV channel off the air

Billionaire leftist George Soros opposes U.S. “bullying” and “imperialism” when it comes to war and foreign policy, but his principles apparently stop at the 49th parallel.

At CNews/Canoe.ca, Brian Lilley reports:

A group called Avaaz.org [connected with MoveOn.org] operating out of New York City is warning their supporters that SUN TV News Channel, which has yet to launch, will bring “American-style hate media onto our airwaves.” Odd, I didn’t realize that Manhattan was part of Canada.

Proof that this outfit and campaign is being run out of New York can be seen in the e-mail they are sending to their Canadian supporters and anyone who signs the petition.

In the e-mail, Avaaz refers to Sun Media as Suncor.

Suncor of course does not own this newspaper nor are they applying for a TV licence; they are an oil and gas company based in Calgary.

But obviously this American outfit knows what is best for Canadians.

Even if they believe that every Canadian company with the word “Sun” in its name must somehow be connected.

Cuz Canada is a rinky dink little country with only a handful of business and we all live in igloos or something.

Isn’t that pathetic? It is a matter of moments to do some due diligence and get the name of the company you’re targeting right.

But of course, that (imaginary) Suncor “link” is perfect for Soros’ purposes: progressives hate “oil and gas companies” more than just about anything, right?

It will be interesting to monitor the Canadian Left’s response to this. They share Soros’ anti-American sentiments, and reflexively balk whenever the U.S. flexes its muscles. But now this is a U.S. bully that’s on the side of the left!  What to do, what to do? Perhaps something good will come of this development, if only it causes a few progressive heads to explode in downtown Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

This news story includes a lot of “inside baseball” (“hockey”?) about Canadian broadcast regulation, but I encourage you to read the whole (not very long) thing. Lilley has the background on this Avaaz group, and the spread of Soros’s tentacles.

He also reveals that almost all the left’s “talking points” about the new channel — about its funding, its supposed connection to the ruling Conservative Party (?!) — are, quite simply, out and out lies, which are now spreading like wildfire across the internet.


I’m old enough to remember the outcry when Vision TV was granted a broadcasting license here in Canada. The same people — and I mean literally the same people; old Canadian lefty pundits never die — warned shrilly that this religiously themed channel would pollute the Canadian airwaves with “evil” American televangelists screaming for donations 24/7, and soon we’d all be living in A Handmaid’s Tale.

As it turned out, Vision TV broadcasts low key, multicultural, ecumenical programming, with “cable access” style shows produced by every faith group in the country. Any empty programming slots are filled up by “Little House on the Prairie” reruns.

The yammering ruling class was wrong about Vision TV, just as they’re generally wrong about everything that’s occurred in the last hundred years.

When they turn out to be wrong about Sun , don’t expect an apology. By then, they’ll have moved on to a new smear campaign.

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