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J Street’s Blindness to a Declaration of Islamic Victory at Ground Zero

Posted on September 2 2010 10:00 am

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When Islam is victorious it builds a mosque at the site of its conquest.

In an article which appeared in the August third edition of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal about the proposed Cordoba Mosque in New York to be built a few hundred yards from Ground Zero it was reported that Mr. Ben-Ami, the president and founder of “J Street” the left wing Jewish advocacy organization, had remarked:

“The principle at stake goes to the heart of American democracy and the value we place on the freedom of religion.”

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. There are already more than a hundred mosques in and around New York and literally thousands more throughout the United States. Building another one so close to Ground Zero is hardly necessary in order to reaffirm “American democracy” or to guarantee “freedom of religion”. These were long ago enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and have been well demonstrated in every aspect of the American experiment for over two centuries. This is about Islamic triumphalism. The original Cordoba Mosque was built as a symbol of Islamic dominance over conquered Spain. The one now proposed, and its ground-breaking ceremony to take place on the 10th anniversary of the deadly attack of 9/11, is nothing more than a celebration of that attack’s success.

It is also a good example of one-way multiculturalism, the sacred cow of “enlightened” progressives who worship before the altar of political-correctness, which is more concerned with the prerogatives of the Islamists who wish to kill us than it is about about the sensitivities of the 9/11 families, or the dagger plunged into the heart of our republic by the horrific crime of 9/11, or the relentless march of Islamic totalitarianism that now threatens to engulf us all. A good deal of the usual claptrap about “tolerance” has been served up to us by the intellectually fossilized members of the left-wing and its fulsome liberal glitterati. A complete lack of reciprocity from the Muslim world is not something which animates them. No churches or synagogues can be built in Saudi Arabia where the mere possession of the Bible is a criminal offense. The idea that they are cozying up to a group of fascists whose religion encourages them to subjugate women, hang homosexuals, and persecute non-Muslim minorities is lost on them as is Thomas Mann’s warning that “Tolerance is a crime when applied to evil”.

Also mentioned in this article was a letter published on the internet by Mr. Ben-Ami, and his supporters, which stated:

“We agree with you that some victims of 9/11 are entitled to irrational feelings as a result of their loss, but being less tolerant will not help us heal, and it is not wise for America to alienate millions of its own citizens, let alone the hundreds of millions of Muslims in countries that Americans visit around the world. Remember, there were Muslim victims on 9/11, too, Muslims that worked in the World Trade Center, or were part of the rescue crews that bravely entered the buildings that day.”

This is an extraordinarily bizarre statement even for Mr. Ben-Ami to publish and one that would make Edgar Allan Poe tear up his “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” and start all over again. Why is he so concerned about America alienating hundreds of millions of Muslims when the 9/11 Commission Report clearly stated that the Islamic terrorists had been at war with us for decades but we had not been at war with them? Before George W. Bush was president, before 9/11, before the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq there were over 15 (count them) deadly attacks on American diplomatic and military installations throughout the world each one carried out by Muslim terrorists, not the Red Cross just incase it had escaped Mr. Ben-Ami’s attention, and where exactly were all the Muslims rushing to our aid on 9/11? I, for one, did not see any but what I did see were videos of Muslims in various Middle Eastern countries dancing in the streets celebrating our misfortune. Who is alienating whom?

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