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Mayor Bloomberg Insulted You on The Daily Show

Posted on September 1 2010 7:00 pm
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The Daily Show is on another break. Seriously, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have got the life. They have writers and producers that get paid to help them be funny and do all the leg-work for the show, they’re rich, they’re famous, and it seems like they get a vacation week once per month. I really wish capitalism didn’t enable the higher social classes to oppress me so much.

But, Mayor Bloomberg’s interview with Jon Stewart irked me so much that I’m still thinking about it and I’ve just gotta let it out. He felt that the Ground Zero mosque controversy is just a matter of politics and that it’ll go away after the November elections. In other words, he thinks the critics are so irrational that the only plausible reason for their opposition is politics. This is downright insulting.

Watch the interview below:

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Bloomberg doesn’t mention any of the real arguments against the Islamic center project. He frames it as a debate between those who believe in freedom of religion and those who don’t. There is no mention of the Cordoba Institute’s suspicious connections and the concerning statements made by Imam Rauf. And again, most of the critics (including myself) aren’t saying that Muslims can’t build there, we’re just saying they shouldn’t. They have the right, but that doesn’t make every usage of that right acceptable.

The mayor shouldn’t think that those that disagree with him on this are simply anti-Muslim bigots, hyper-partisans or idiots. And by the way, Mayor Bloomberg, every poll shows a firm majority of the American public are against the Park51 project. One poll found 68 percent oppose it and that includes 70 percent of Independents like Bloomberg himself.

So, Mayor Bloomberg, remind me again. What did you say about what’s motivating 68 percent of the American people? And don’t say you were only criticizing the political leaders leading the charge—because then you’re calling us all fools with sheep mentality.

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