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Southern Poverty Law Center and Radical Islam – Sharia the Wealth

Posted on August 31 2010 12:00 pm

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As Charles Krauthammer recently observed with trademark sagacity, Progressivism under siege is an ugly sight indeed.

Ah, the people, the little people, the small-town people, the “bitter” people, as Barack Obama in an unguarded moment once memorably called them, clinging “to guns or religion or” — this part is less remembered — “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.”

That’s a polite way of saying: clinging to bigotry. And promiscuous charges of bigotry are precisely how our current rulers and their vast media auxiliary react to an obstreperous citizenry that insists on incorrect thinking.

Charges of bigotry, besides being effective at foreclosing debate can also be quite lucrative. Among the usual suspects none has been more promiscuous than the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has elevated race hustling and legal shakedowns to an art form. Business is good, as far back as 2000 SPLC was described by Ken Silverstein of Harper’s Magazine as “the wealthiest civil rights group in America.”

Today, the SPLC spends most of its time–and money–on a relentless fund-raising campaign, peddling memberships in the church of tolerance with all the zeal of a circuit rider passing the collection plate. “He’s the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the civil rights movement,” renowned anti- death-penalty lawyer Millard Farmer says of Dees, his former associate, “though I don’t mean to malign Jim and Tammy Faye.” The Center earned $44 million last year alone–$27 million from fund-raising and $17 million from stocks and other investments–but spent only $13 million on civil rights program , making it one of the most profitable charities in the country.


[Co-founder Morris Dees was] so good in fact that in 1998 the Direct Marketing Association inducted him into its Hall of Fame. “I learned everything I know about hustling from the Baptist Church,” Dees has said. “Spending Sundays on those hard benches listening to the preacher pitch salvation-why, it was like getting a Ph.D. in selling.”

When not passing the plate the SPLC is consumed with finding and outing whole new groups of Right Wing haters so its donors will be appropriately outraged the next time it passes the plate.

Alexander Cockburn, no particular friend to the Right, puts it more trenchantly:

Dees and his hate-seekers scour the landscape for hate like the arms manufacturers inventing new threats and for the same reason: it’s their staple.

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