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Paul Krugman’s Witch Hunt Fears

Posted on August 31 2010 2:00 pm
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It’s bad enough when Paul Krugman – an economist by profession – spouts his discredited spend, borrow and tax brand of economics. But now he has ventured into the political realm with his New York Times op-ed column yesterday entitled “It’s Witch-Hunt Season.”

Krugman ominously predicts “ugliness and paralysis” if the Republicans take control of Congress, or even of just the House. Just like beauty, ugliness and paralysis are in the eyes of the beholder.

If by “ugliness and paralysis” Krugman means an end to the steamrolling of President Obama’s leftist agenda, most Americans would believe that to be a beautiful thing.  Most Americans, judging by the polls, would consider soaring deficits and a national debt approaching our gross domestic product to be ugly and paralyzing.

Krugman is afraid that if Republicans win control of the House, there will be a wave of committee investigations, which he likens to witch hunts,

over supposed scandals that we already know are completely phony

Of course, as usual, Krugman provides no verifiable examples of what he considers to be “phony” scandals. And he forgets to mention all of the Congressional committee investigations when George W. Bush was President and the Democrats controlled Congress.

In any event, what is Krugman afraid of? Forcing the Obama administration into some of that transparency it promised us but has not delivered? Is requiring transparency Krugman’s definition of a “witch hunt?” Then bring it on!

For example, what is Krugman afraid will be revealed by a probe into the Obama administration’s kid gloves handling of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, ACORN and the New Black Panther Party, or its incompetent handling of the Gulf oil spill disaster? How about an investigation into the Eric Holder Department of Justice’s plans to try alien terrorist suspects in civilian court or its vandetta against Arizona for merely trying to see to it that the nation’s immigration laws are properly enforced by the federal government?

Paul Krugman just doesn’t like two-party government unless a Republican is in the White House.

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