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Aw: Meghan McCain Did it All By Herself!

Posted on August 31 2010 9:00 pm
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The self-selected leader of the hip, young, “progressive” wing of the Republican Party sat down with George Stephanopoulos this morning to share some details from her new book, Dirty Sexy Politics. Video after the jump.

Among Meggie Mac’s shocking revelations:

I campaigned by myself. I mean, I like shook hands, I went to different headquarters, and I loved it! It was so much fun.

After reading an excerpt from Dirty Sexy Politics, it seems clear that writing the book is something else she did all by herself. A few short selections:

On freedom:

Freedom is addictive. Once you’ve tasted it, you will hunt for it again and again. And our passion for freedom brings us together more than it pulls us apart.

On being a breath of fresh air:

Let’s open the windows! I don’t like private clubs or secrets or living in a bubble world. Let’s honor our differences, and different lifestyles, even celebrate them. With this book, I hope to bring some fresh air into the room, maybe knock down a few walls. I wouldn’t mind crash through the ceiling, too. Let the sky open up, and freedom ring. Hey everybody, come on in!

On crazy-sex:

Crazy-sex, in case some clarification is necessary, is a category of sex on its own. It is sex with somebody who is extremely bad for you. Somebody you probably don’t even like that much. But on the road, things have a way of changing. You don’t have regular contact with friends. You don’t see your family often. You start to miss them both, and your comfortable bed at home. This causes you to look at the world differently, through what we called “campaign goggles.” It was just like “beer goggles,” I guess, when people around you seem more fascinating the more you drink, except it was caused by prolonged contact. Each day of togetherness on a campaign, stuck on a bus or airplane, listening to one more stump speech, brought you closer and closer until, very slowly over time, even the most boring campaign drones and journalists started to seem attractive. Campaign goggles can distort reality very powerfully and are the cause of almost all crazy-sex and other campaign hookups.

On … hell if I know:

I used to joke that I am hooked on “taking the red pill,” a reference to the science fiction movie The Matrix in which the main character, Neo, is “taking the red pill” and choosing to face the reality of the Matrix – rather than “taking the blue pill” and wanting to believe in a lie. When I meet somebody new, I will sometimes say, “He’s taking the blue pill.” This means he is living in a dream world.

More thoughts from Allahpundit and Melissa Clouthier.

Update: Meggie announced more proof of her ability to function independently on “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight. When Bill asked her about the title of her book, she replied, “I actually came up with the title myself!”

Somebody get that lady a gold star!

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