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Confronting Jew Hatred on Daily Kos: Meteor Blades Edition

Posted on August 30 2010 10:00 am
Mike Lumish is a teacher, a recent PhD in American History, a resident of San Francisco, a liberal, and until recently a Democrat, who is thoroughly disgusted with the anti-Zionism and Israel Hatred promoted by the Left... He also tends to smoke too much.

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The Daily Kos administrator that patrols Israel-Palestinians discourse is Meteor Blades (Timothy Lange) – and Blades is definitely no friend of either the Jewish people or the Jewish state.

Here’s one reason why.

Recently the infamous heathlander suggested (for the 134,985th time) that Jewish nationalism, unlike any other nationalism on the planet, is racist.

Zionism was a political program aimed at creating a state with an overwhelming Jewish majority in Palestine, an area in which the overwhelming majority was not Jewish. The only way to realise this program with was to expel hundreds of thousands of the people who were already living there, because they weren’t Jewish…

All of this is racist, obviously.


What heathlander is saying is that after 1/3 of the world’s Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis, it was “racist” for us to come together in our own self defense.  He claims that Zionism could only be viable with the expulsion of Palestinians in 1948, while entirely ignoring the fact the the Arabs of the Mandate, as historian Benny Morris demonstrates in 1948: The First Arab-Israeli War, launched a genocidal Jihad against the Jews in November of 1947, directly after UN 181, the partition plan was approved by the international community.

Heathlander, from across the pond, gives us typical anti-Zionist / anti-Semitic boilerplate talk.  Despite the fact that Israeli Arabs have more civil liberties than Arabs any place else in the Middle East, the Jews are to blame for creating a Jewish state.  We were slaughtered because of our “race” and then when we come together to defend ourselves, this means that we are racists.  My father’s side of the family was lined up and shot by the Nazis in the western Ukraine, in the shtetle.  And this guy wants to suggest that the Jews are racist for creating a Jewish state?  It’s not surprising that heathlander was actually named in a fairly recent study in online anti-Semitism, which has, sadly, become endemic in “progressive” circles.

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