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Hot Post:The Left Against Ads Reaching Out to Women Who Fear ‘Honor Killings’

Posted on August 29 2010 3:00 pm
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Who would be against helping women in danger of violence?  Who would not support advertising that reached out to these women?  Why the American Left of course.  The political end of the spectrum that is supposed to be the most feminist isn’t ready to support women avoiding muslim ‘honor killings’ and other violence.  They could burn their bras 40 years ago, but you better not take off your burqa today.

Conservative blogger and activist Pamela Geller‘s organization, Stop the Islamization of America, has paid for advertising on top of taxis in Chicago this week and the windy city along with some windbags are furious.  The ads do not attack Islam, but speak to women who want to leave Islam and are fearing violence.  It is an undeniable fact that people, especially women, wanting to leave Islam are often violently attacked and even killed.  This is a practice that exists all over the world where you find Islam.

The taxi ads do not argue anything against Islam, and they do not suggest that all Muslims would attempt violence.  They simply reaches out to women and young girls who might be in need of some help.  What is the Left’s reaction?  Mouth-foaming anger.

The Huffington Post says the ads are a “fight against Islam.”  I wonder, if the Huffpost believes that ‘honor killings’ have nothing to do with true Islam, then why would they say such an ad is anti-Islamic?  How is helping women from violent radical Islam an attack on all of Islam?

Of course the Huffpost and other lefties’ real problem is the source of the ads.  They don’t like Pamela Geller, and since they don’t like her, they hate her ads no matter how helpful and good they are.  I thought the Left was supposed to be liberal and tolerant.  But look at the words many of the so-called liberal media use to describe Geller.

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