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New Reason to Support the Ground Zero Mosque: Muslims Are Just More Likeable Than Those Darn Christians

Posted on August 27 2010 9:00 pm
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Frances Kissling stereotypes Muslims as beneficent do-gooders and demonizes Catholics as "shameful" & "dicey."

When the Carmelite nuns erected a cross just outside Auschwitz in the 1980s, Frances Kissling was outraged by the brazen insensitivity.  Fast forward to 2010 and we find the professional abortion rights activist a passionate supporter of the proposed Cordoba Initiative mosque at Ground Zero.

Reflecting on how the Carmelites’ cross and the Park51 project differ and why the mosque gives her such a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, Kissling experienced an epiphany:  Muslims rule, Catholics drool!

Ok, I asked myself, why was I so outraged at the Carmelite’s cross and why am I now so sympathetic to the Muslim Community Center. Why do I believe the motives of those who wish to build the community center and why did I disbelieve the nuns. The Muslims say they are seeking to heal and bring peace to a place ravaged by violence and terror; to show that not all indeed almost no Muslims are violent terrorists. The nuns wanted to be near Auschwitz as an act of reconciliation and to pray also – to give witness the the horror that was the Holocaust. Do I just like progressive Muslims more than what I assume were pretty traditional Polish nuns, faithful to the Polish Pope? To a considerable extent, the answer is yes. I am predisposed to interpret anything conservative Catholics do as dicey. In part, it is my experience that much they have done is worse than dicey – abuse children, refuse to recognize women’s rights, deny condoms to people with AIDS. On the Holocaust, the record is shameful – and too many Polish Catholics cry too loudly about Catholics who were gassed by the Nazis and have too little to say about the Jews or their own complicity.

Silly, Frances.  A good lefty is only supposed to think things like that, not actually put them in writing.

The only thing that distinguishes Kissling’s stance on the Ground Zero mosque from the standard leftist position is her willingness to publicly admit a bias against conservative Christians and a big ol’ soft spot for those brave truth-telling Muslims and their progressive bridge-building monument to tolerance, love, and sunshine.

She may want to do a little more reflecting.

Public declaration of her Islamophilia doesn’t build Kissling’s reputation as a tolerant lover of multiculturalism, it betrays her fetishization of Muslims as exotic storybook stereotypes who always do the right thing. Continue reading …

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