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Jon Stewart is Learning!

Posted on August 27 2010 9:00 am
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There was one thing to be happy for in The Daily Show’s segment last night about the protests against the Ground Zero and Tennessee mosques: Jon Stewart is starting to get the jihadist mindset. He even said we should “try a new system where we don’t give a s— what they think” and rightly said that the U.S. could build the jihadists an American flag incinerator in Washington D.C. and they’d still find a way to protest it as part of a Zionist conspiracy. What a breath of fresh air!

He’s right. Nothing we do, for good or for ill, matters to the jihadists. We are controlled by the evil Satanic Zionists and no matter what we do, they’ll see it as an evil plot and blame our sinful influence and “imperialism” for all of the Muslim world’s ills. Watch the segment after the jump if you didn’t see it in my previous post:

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This fact cuts both ways. Yes, it’s true—if the Ground Zero mosque is seen as a victory for radical Islamists, it won’t create more terrorists. It’ll encourage them—but they’re already trying their hardest to kill us (of course, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be concerned about Imam Rauf’s ties to Muslim Brotherhood and Iran). On the other hand, if we stop the mosque from being built, we won’t create more terrorists even if it does anger many Muslims. Why? Because disagreement over policy doesn’t automatically translate into becoming a jihadist.

The radical Islamist ideology that justifies Sharia theocracy and oppression has to be in place for that to happen. And when it is in place, it is not influenced by policy disagreements because every policy is viewed through the conspiratorial Islamist eyes.

A Muslim can be completely enraged over the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan but that isn’t what makes him become a suicide bomber. If disagreement over U.S. policy is what causes terrorism, then we would have been dealing with a tidal wave of non-Muslim terrorists from Europe and Latin America for decades. It’s a giant leap to go from anti-Americanism to trying to impose Sharia law on Muslims and non-Muslims alike and massacring civilians.

Jon Stewart is right: Let’s stop caring what they think because nothing we do will make the terrorists love us. What a Neo-Con!

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