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Philly Bloggers Get Screwed- and You’re Next

Posted on August 26 2010 9:00 pm
Devoted to his lovely wife 30 years, father of two who grew up exceeding his wildest expectations, B.A. Psychology, M. Ed. Counseling, former busboy, journeyman, Church's Chicken cook, purified ice and water salesman, Coca-Cola serviceman, certified public school educator, CCNA, CCNP, Senior Network Admin for a large school district in south Texas

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The world is a much more chaotic place now that a radical Alinsky-ite is president. There is so much swill and refuse flowing out of government, at all levels, that it is nearly impossible to stay on top of it all and maintain a veneer of normalcy. Along with the elevation of  The One rose a cavalcade of community agitators and assorted social miscreants both in and out of government, all with scores to settle, eager to confiscate income from groups they hate so they can dole it out to groups they like, such as the SEIU and public sector unions.

I try to keep up by listening to podcasts of my favorite news and opinion programs (e.g., Daily Commentary, Investor’s Business Daily Podcast, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt’s Hughniverse, The Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind) while I exercise and then later, during the drive to work.  I don’t often get the opportunity to listen to each and every episode, but I listen to most of them, and manage to supplement my audio podcasts with measured doses of NewsRealBlog, American Thinker, Drudge, Michelle Malkin, and FrontPagMag throughout the day whenever possible. During my lunchbreak, I listen to Rush.  Since I gave up on the shamelessly biased print and broadcast news media years ago, I have no choice but to acquire my information from a variety of sources.

Trying to keep up with Obama’s style of governing –  which is little more than leading the media by their collective noses from manufactured crisis to the next –  is like solving a crossword puzzle while walking a gauntlet of carnival hucksters jeering at you to “Man up and throw three for a buck.”

Serial bailouts in the trillions of dollars, Obamacare, suing the state of Arizona for enforcing federal immigration law, the multiple moratoriums on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, looming Cap and Tax legislation, looming confiscatory tax increases beginning 1/1/2011, the rush to abandon Iraq and Afghanistan to 7th century jihadist barbarians, multiple successful jihadist attacks on our own soil, the public humiliation of our staunchest allies (Great Britian and Israel) . . .

In this perpetually chaotic  political environment, it’s easy to miss the little things, those tiny assaults on personal liberty that Mark Levin refers to as ” . . . a slow road to tyranny.”

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