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The Top 10 So-Called “Liberal” Hypocrites: Their Lies, Tries, and the Moral of Their Story

Posted on August 26 2010 8:00 am

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We teach our children to be honest and forthright, to be upstanding and mean what they say, even sometimes using clever idioms to help guide the way. We also understand human beings are prone to moral failures. Hopefully, we are forgiving and supportive to those who fall off the path. But what happens when the some of the most powerful people in America—people who wield serious amounts of influence—are actually willful, two-faced hypocrites? We call ’em on it.

Capitalism is an evil”

Capitalism: A Love Story is the title of Michael Moore’s propaganda documentary (funded in part using a Michigan tax break he publicly opposes), but it should be his anthem. Because capitalism has been very, very good for Michael Moore. He makes and markets his films (Cannes ain’t for the poor, people), cashes the checks while trading Halliburton and HMO stocks through his foundation.

He lives in Manhattan’s Upper West Side (he also has a million dollar mansion in Michigan) and sends his kids to private schools. If he were really appalled by what capitalism offers (an opportunity to succeed, not a guarantee) perhaps he’d donate all of his money to those less fortunate. But, uh, he doesn’t.

Moral: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

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