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Proof Anti-Semitic, Self-Hating Jews Do Exist

Posted on August 25 2010 2:00 pm
For almost 30 years, David has been involved in the online community, blogging, and posting commentary on a huge variety of issues. As a career web designer, David spends his time around Philadelphia creating, programming, and debating.
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In a recent study published this week, Belgian researchers found DNA proof that Adolf Hitler did, indeed, have Jewish ancestors. Using saliva swabs and samples from 39 of Hitler’s decedents, researchers found a chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 – rare among Europeans but common in Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews.

How is this relevant today? Well,while many would argue against the idea of an anti-Semitic and self-hating Jew, no one will argue that there are those who tout their Jewish roots while holding vehement anti-Zionist views. The infamous Marxist Noam Chomsky and his supporters constantly hold his Jewish roots as a badge of credibility while denouncing the state of Israel. Norm Finkelstein, a harsh critic of Israel and author of The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, claims the Holocaust is exploited by Jews and others as a way to persist international guilt rather as a reminder of what can – and still does – happen when bigots spread their hate. Finkelstein’s parents were Holocaust survivors and he frequently reminds those that disagree with him of this fact. Both Chomsky and Finkelstein have been denied entrance and/or banned from Israel for their views and political allies and activism.

Some argue that a Jew can’t be anti-Semitic any more than blacks can be a racist. It would be hard for me to argue the latter, but as a Jew, I can argue the former. Having Jewish roots doesn’t make one Jewish. My great-grandmother was Greek Orthodox. Does that make me Greek Orthodox? No. My grandmother converted to Jewish Orthodoxy in Israel decades ago, my mother was Jewish, and I continue the tradition – both culturally and religiously – today. More importantly, I support Jews and Jewish causes. As much as secular Jews like to tout that one’s matriarchal lineage traditionally defines your Jewishness – once a Jew, always a Jew – no sensible person is going to claim Hitler was actually Jewish no matter how many times his great-great-great-great grandmother said the Shema.

The same goes for Finkelstein, Chomsky, and anyone that actively opposes Jewish religion and culture – even if they only engage in the “New Anti-Semitism” known as “Anti-Zionism.” They gave up the right to call themselves Jews when they started taking steps to actively threaten Jewish culture, religion and existence – just like Hitler.

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