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The Nails-On-A-Chalkboard Narcissism of the Center-Left’s Anti-Anti-Islam Jihad

Posted on August 24 2010 3:59 pm
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I’ve put up with the sound of nails on a chalkboard long enough.

Amidst the debate surrounding Ron Radosh’s Islam post I noticed a familiar screech I’d heard before. In the comments at Roger Kimball’s response to Ron’s post:

17. John Guardiano

Dear Mr. Kimball,

Thanks for correcting the misspelling of my name for the initial two or three times that you reference me. However, for the subsequent and final two times that you reference me, you still have my name misspelled. Can you please fix this

You have my name spelled: “Guardino”. But in fact, my name is spelled: “GuardiAno”. You have omitted the “A”. Thus:

To GuardiAno’s second point…

He quotes with approval GuardiAno’s caution about “consigning America to a state of permanent war with the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.”

Thank you!

John Guardiano

More cringe-inducing scratches on Guardiano’s twitter page:

@rogerkimball I’m honored you referenced my @FrumForum post but you misspelled my name. GuardiAno. Can you fix? Thanks!

@PajamasMedia Roger Kimball misspelled my name in his most recent post It’s spelled: GuardiAno. Can you fix? Thanks!

This was typical John. Months ago when he had first started blogging for us here at NRB I had received the bizarre request from him that could I please go into the comments that people had left on his posts and please correct their misspellings of his name. COMMENTERS. A bit stunned, I declined his unique inquiry.

I was truly taken aback, though, by John contacting me the other night to politely request that I go into Jamie Glazov’s post from March (when we first had this debate about “moderate Islam” with Guardiano) to correct the misspelling of his name. Apparently he was going to be linking to Jamie’s reply in his newest FrumForum hit piece of us and he was wanting anyone that clicked through to see his name spelled correctly. First, he’s coming and asking me a favor after he’s been slurring Jamie, Robert Spencer, and me (his colleagues) as “bigots” because of our anti-Islam (not anti-Muslim) positions. Second, how many people might actually click through and see the misspelling? A dozen at most? (Google Analytics tell me 2 visitors as of today from that link.)

I was dumbfounded, though, when I actually went into the post to find that of the five times that Jamie mentioned Guardiano in the post, four were spelled correctly. But John was so obsessed with making sure his last name was spelled right every single time in a post from five months ago that he was willing to email someone he’d crudely, publicly insulted.

Now that everyone knows conclusively how to spell John GuardiAno’s last name (you’re welcome, John) I’m going to intentionally misspell it for the remainder of  this post. Also: the misspelling in Jamie’s old post will remain permanently uncorrected. If Gerdiano wants to call me childish or silly for doing this then that’s fine. It seems no more so than the quirky behavior I’ve just recounted.

Now why do I mention this seemingly inconsequential narrative? Because as with the bizarre, disturbing behavior of fellow FrumForum contributor and ex-NRB blogger Alex Knepper (and David Frum’s eagerness to overlook it,) this says something about the mentality of the Frumian “Center-Right” today.  I can’t help but see some connection between John Jardiano’s overwhelming  obsession with making sure that his name is spelled right every single time and his inability to even consider his critics’ facts and arguments. He’s so focused on himself that he can’t even perceive the ideas of others.

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