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Red Eye, Rauf and – Oh Yeah! – Racism

Posted on August 24 2010 9:00 pm
I'm a newly born Conservative, recovering from a life of misguided liberalism. 40-something, born in Seattle and raised in Washington State.

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Time needs a new editor. I suggest this guy.

Comedian Jim Norton, frequent “Red Eye” guest, took over hosting duties for the latest episode while Greg Gutfeld remained on vacation. Norton entertained guests – Lauren Sivan, S.E. Cupp and Anothony Cumia – with his offbeat humor and self-deprecation.

The cast and friends discussed such topics as The Situation’s earning power, enhanced screening techniques at airports, a dating site in the UK dedicated to ugly people and Time Magazine’s upcoming cover story: “Is America Islamophobic?”

We all know when the mainstream media asks a question like that, what they really mean is: why does everyone who doesn’t agree with us suck so much?

The reason for Time’s article is the ongoing debate over the Ground Zero Mosque and rising tensions on both sides, by which they mean peace loving leftists and heartless, white bigots.

As Norton pointed out on the show, America has certainly had tolerance problems in the past, but it doesn’t stand to reason we are being intolerant now. He continued by saying that, when the most recent attempted bombing of Times Square occurred, everyone immediately suspected an Islamic terrorist. Only NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg thought it might be someone really dangerous, like a person who opposed healthcare reform.

How many terrorist attacks have been carried out by rabid, ObamaCare hating Tea Party members in, oh, ever?

“Bloomberg,” Norton concluded, “is so spineless, he makes [Nancy] Pelosi seem like Idi Amin.”

Daisy Khan, wife of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, recently stated in an interview that the opposition of the mosque and rising anti-Islam sentiment is “metastasized anti-Semitism.”

It’s not even Islamophobic. It’s beyond Islamophobic. It’s hate of Muslims.

The Time magazine article mentioned by Norton cites public perception of Islam as examples of Islamophobia.

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