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How Obama Stopped LA Traffic and Exposed Hollywood’s Disconnect from Reality in the Process

Posted on August 24 2010 9:00 am

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You can see my disappointment when we found President Obama represented at the celebrity wax museum in Hollywood

On Monday night (August 16), I was in the Los Angeles area on my way to a local comedy club with some friends. We started down Hollywood Boulevard and didn’t get far before traffic seemed to be slightly more congested than it should be for a Monday night. After it took 20 minutes to get between two stop lights, and seeing the LAPD scattered like field mice, we knew something was up.

It didn’t take long before we found out President Obama was in town and his presence created the epic congestion that even had the locals who are accustomed to LA traffic pissed off. While on the surface, any complaint over this feels trivial. However, when looking further we can see that Obama’s trip through LA shows us a great deal about a serious disconnect between everyday folks and the Hollywood “limousine liberals” he was going to rub elbows with.

Los Angeles Times senior film writer Patrick Goldstein, a usually fair liberal, expressed his disappointment about how Obama took over LA for personal gain:

So is there a lesson here? What I found most striking about the president’s PR disaster was that his wealthy Hollywood supporters seem to be just as out of touch with reality as the president’s own staff.

Goldstein’s sentiments can resonate with most of who were in the city that night. After all, what was the president doing that required all of us to get stuck in traffic for him? He was going to a Hollywood party to schmooze his way further into celebrity pockets in the name of serving “the people” while pushing the rest of us aside in the process. The irony here could not have been scripted any better. Meeting with J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg may be an honor, but it’s hardly worth freezing the town for. This makes me wonder why Spielberg didn’t just send his helicopter for Obama.

To make matters more annoying, the secret service locked down the streets that Obama’s motorcade used for over an hour before they arrived and over and hour after they were gone. In a city that is known for traffic congestion, this decision was made with severe ignorance. Nothing says “we are better and more important than you” than a get together that holds up traffic in a major city and in turn creates the ultimate convergence of Hollywood and liberal elitism (I can just hear Ray Stantz from Ghostbusters telling them “not to cross the streams”).

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