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The Barack Obama Project: An Over-Budget Horror Flick

Posted on August 23 2010 2:00 pm
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Sometimes, non-supernatural events can evoke worse fear and dread than any ghosts, gore or monsters.

This past week as Americans heard their leader speak at a Ramadan dinner, as they heard Obama bash his own Democrat-ruled Congress in the driveway of the White House before leaving for Blue Heron Farm, and as they witnessed his support of building a mosque near sacred ground in New York, their previous anger may well be turning to terror.

James Joyce defined terror as “the feeling which arrests the mind in the presence of whatsoever is grave and constant…and unites it with the cause.”

We are there. The threat of sharia, the decimation of capitalism through Marxist policies and the disintegration of social paradigms are indeed “grave and constant.” And polls show that almost 51% of the American people have identified the immediate cause-the policies of Barack Obama.

In 1999 two unknown filmmakers released a low-budget movie  called The Blair Witch Project. Regardless of ts ‘mockumentary’ status,  the film’s an interesting study in unseen malevolent forces working against the three young faux documentarians.  They begin the journey into the woods with a map, a compass and a hopeful anticipation of discovering the truth about the legend of the Blair witch. After many fright nights of cackling and strange human twig figures hanging from the trees the fear factor intensifies.  They resort to blaming, name-calling, and finally a chilling panic sets in until they all disappear.

The movie did very well because of its original blending of reality, fiction and ultimately its ability to engage the audience’s imagination as it did mine.

So, what if a  couple of hundred years from now, some descendants of Giles, O’Keefe and Breitbart hike inside the beltway to Alinskyville,(formerly Washington DC) to discover the origins of the Barack Obama legend. They want to know why their children live in poverty with no internet, no electricity, no running water, and are 100 trillion dollars in debt.

As they search for clues about the mythical creatures, Barry and Michelle Obama, a desolate wasteland of crumbling government buildings, monuments and museums surround them. They’ve heard tales of Michelle hauling whole groups of children off to fat camps never to be heard from again. And former President Barack’s socialist demand  to redistribute all wealth back to him and his legion of czars. At night in total  darkness the three young future journalists hear strange sounds, phrases and laughter coming from the ruins. The unfamiliar and incoherent words like “Let me be clear” and “let’s move” evoke a chilling feeling of dread.

After awakening they find trinkets, golf balls and souvenirs in circular formations with writings on them; Marbella, Bar Harbor, Martha’s Vineyard. As they approach the circle they hear a woman’s repulsive cackling. They see the word ‘sacrifice’ and ‘change’ etched into broken slabs of concrete. Pretty soon fear takes over, the young investigators turn on each other and one by one they disappear. A year later, a contractor rebuilding the great city and restoring its name to the founding father finds a backpack with notebooks chronicling the  doomed journey.

Unfortunately, for now, the Barack Obama Project is real. Repeating ‘it’s only a movie’ won’t work against the heinous lies.  Saturday’s radio address from Martha’s Vineyard regarding the monstrous DISCLOSE Act epitomizes the master’s  depraved inversion of the truth:

This can only mean that the leaders of the other party want to keep the public  in the dark..the only people that don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide. We cannot allow the corporate takeover of our democracy.

Supernatural symbols and screams in haunted woods don’t come close to the vileness of statements like that. The future consequences of present day legislative horrors await our children and grandchildren- a truly terrifying premise for any enterprising, idealistic storyteller.

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