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New York Times Shills For Ground Zero Victory Mosque Imam And Sharia

Posted on August 23 2010 7:00 pm

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Adding to its credentials as ‘the Obama administration’s paper of record,’ the New York Times is now the self-appointed promoter of Cordoba House and its Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. In a disgraceful front page article this past Sunday, the Times outdid itself. The article, written by Anne Barnard,  was nothing short of a rhapsody written to praise Rauf and sharia (Islamic law).

The Times entitled Barnard’s front page rhapsody “Complicated Balancing Act For Imam In Mosque Furor.” It characterized Rauf as a man of moderation and peace, who is pro-American and even a supporter of the state of Israel. It repeated, without any critical analysis, Rauf’s and his wife DaisyKhan’s lame attempt to re-brand the supremist, misogynist ideology underlying sharia as something that it is clearly not – upholding “core principles like rights to life, dignity and education.”

In downplaying what Anne Barnard so politely characterized as Rauf’s “views on the interplay between terrorism and American foreign policy,” she conveniently left out of her article what exactly he said about the 9/11 attacks shortly thereafter. I’ll be happy to fill in this gaping hole in her reportage:

United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.

The Times article also tried to explain away Feisal Rauf’s refusal to describe Hamas as a terrorist organization. Apparently, what Rauf was trying to say, according to the Times reporter, was that it all depends on how one defines terrorism. That’s precisely the radical Islamists’ line – that so-called freedom and resistance fighters were not terrorists no matter how many  innocent civilians are murdered by their suicide bombs and rockets intended to kill civilians.

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