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‘Catholics for Choice’ Throws Mother Teresa Under The Bus

Posted on August 23 2010 10:00 am
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.
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In an outrageous “I-can’t-believe-you-just-did-that” moment, Catholics for Choice has joined with other leftist fake “Catholic” groups in penning a letter to the management company of the Empire State Building that kills two birds with one stone for them — skewering Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League, and misrepresenting Mother Teresa. The Catholic League has been spearheading a campaign to protest the Empire State Building officials’ decision to deny Mother Teresa “the same honor it has extended to virtually every world leader, event or holiday, namely, to shine the colors associated with the honoree from its tower on a designated night.”

Last year the Empire State Building shone in red and yellow lights to honor the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Communist revolution. Yet under its founder, Mao Zedong, the Communists killed 77 million people. In other words, the greatest mass murderer in history merited the same tribute being denied to Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa, though small in stature, boldly stood up for a Culture of Life even face to face with world leaders. Who could doubt that her life represented the polar opposite of the agenda advanced by Catholics for Choice? At a statement delivered upon her beatification, Pope John Paul II noted Mother Teresa’s tireless defense of life.

Every now and then she would come and tell me about her experiences in her service to the Gospel values. I remember, for example, her pro-life and anti-abortion interventions, even when she was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace (Oslo, 10 December 1979). She often used to say: “If you hear of some woman who does not want to keep her child and wants to have an abortion, try to persuade her to bring him to me. I will love that child, seeing in him the sign of God’s love”.[…]

[…] Emblematic of this missionary style is the image that shows the new Blessed clasping a child’s hand in one hand while moving her Rosary beads with the other.

In their letter to Empire State Building officials, Catholics for Choice and their accomplices claimed that Mother Teresa would have rejected the idea of being honored.

As those who know her work have attested, Mother Teresa rarely celebrated her birthday herself, and would, we are sure, be appalled to hear that this anniversary of her birth had been used to create such a storm.

In fact, Mother Teresa graciously received at least 124 important awards and honors during her lifetime including the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize, the Order of Merit, the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal and the Nobel Peace Prize. This year she is being featured on a U.S. Postal stampMother Teresa never rejected such honors but humbly accepted them and gave the glory to God. In stunning contrast, her polar opposites at Catholics for Choice seem to thrive on shooting off letters with big, juicy lies about Catholicism and abortion for political gain.

Publicity games, like telling Planned Parenthood in a public letter that it’s “Catholic” to support their abortion mills, are played also by their former leader Frances Kissling, in an effort to build up “moral capital”. Reminiscent of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, such publicity campaigns allow leftists to practice self-righteousness at the expense of the truth as they seek to demonize any and all defenders of values and traditions which pose a threat their moral capital.


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