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What the Left Doesn’t Get about the Deportation of Gypsies in France: They are Victims of Their Own Culture

Posted on August 22 2010 11:00 am

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The radical fetish for open borders continues not only to destroy all Western nations’ security, but also to prevent any honest discussion of why certain ethnic and cultural groups lag behind others.

It’s no surprise that French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to deport illegal gypsies–the latter prefer the term “Roma”–has already brought up semi-literate allusions to past French policy toward Jews and other such arguments.  Critics of the deportation have but one charge, and I’m sure you’ve already guessed it: racism.

Here’s Robert Kushen, executive director of the European Roma Rights Center in New York:

“The last time France deported people based on their ethnicity was during World War II, when they sent 75,000 Jews to their death,” he said. “Policy that denigrates a group of people because of their ethnic background frequently leads to violence against them and others.”

As usual, the perennial leftist fiction of “backlash” violence is not only false but the complete opposite of reality: Sarkozy’s latest crackdown against the vagrant groups comes after a July riot by Roma at a police station in Saint-Aignan. According to the BBC, the riot began after French police shot a Roma youth who sped through a checkpoint. An angry Roma mob, hatchets in hand, attacked a police station and also burned cars within the small town.

My point here, however, is neither to support nor reject Sarkozy’s decision. Rather, I think it’s more constructive to point out two phenomena. The first is obvious: the growing inability of nations to do anything about illegal immigration thanks to PC insanity. The second derives from the first but is more subtle: how leftist racial theory has become so pervasive that ANY instance of immigration enforcement is automatically spun into an instance of ethnic cleansing.

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