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US Government to Illegal Aliens – Behave Or We’ll Put Up More Signs

Posted on August 21 2010 12:00 pm
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As Congressman Ted Poe elucidates in the video below the federal government has come up with unique solution to the problem of undocumented aliens crossing our border in undocumented ways with undocumented consequences for public safety, the rule of law and the economy:  don’t go there — literally.

Accordingly the US government — which apparently can’t figure out how to construct a chain-link fence but has mastered rudimentary sign making — has posted warnings advising US citizens naïve enough to drive on US interstates within 100 miles of the Mexican border that they should turn north with all good speed whilst muttering apologies in their best Spanish.

The tenor of these signs, replete with a lot of words like “danger,” “warning,” and “don’t confront … call 911,” seemed to indicate that whoever crafted them didn’t get the memo about the harmless gardeners and doe-eyed children. In fact short of throwing in a phrase like “shark infested waters” or the hazmat logo I can’t think of a more emphatic set of bullets (no pun intended) to encourage hasty departure from the area. One might be tempted to speculate that the government knows something we don’t, if the manifest absurdity of that statement didn’t just reach out and smack you in the face.

For those of you naysayers who might see this as an utter abdication of federal responsibility please bear in mind that there are larger issues in play. For one thing, at least some of these drug dealers are grandfathers, and — as the Great Unifier has reminded us — we all know what a quick trip to Ben & Jerry’s would mean without strong restraints on the racist Arizonans. True, it is likely those abandoned backpacks contain something a little more potent than “two scoops for the price of one” coupons, but you can’t be too careful.

It therefore makes perfect sense that funds that could be used for border security are instead devoted to redundant legal challenges against state legislation crafted to reinforce federal immigration laws, harassment of local law enforcement officials… and oh yes, signage.

In a completely unrelated story we learn from Gallup that President Obama’s Hispanic support has fallen through the floor. It’s probable our Latino brothers and sisters — possessed of great good common sense wholly ignored by those who cynically pander to them — wouldn’t themselves mind taking a Sunday drive on Interstate 8 without dying in a hail of bullets.

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