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CNN’s Kyra Phillips: Mosques Are Fun!

Posted on August 21 2010 3:00 pm
I live in Illinois, which is like living in a gulag for conservatives. A little over a year ago, I confronted CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, for unfairly reporting the Chicago Tea Party protest. I continue to detest the corrupt media.

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The other day Kyra Phillips of CNN interviewed two American Muslims who are visiting 30 Mosques in 30 Days, and blogging about their experiences.  The interview is an attempt to put a happy face on Islam.  In fact, Phillips giggles her way through the interview as if to say ‘Look how fun and cool mosques are.’  The interview of these young Muslims is an obvious attempt to convince Americans that Islam is not extreme, and in fact its followers are just like you and me. It’s CNN’s attempt to change the conversation regarding building a mosque next to Ground Zero. Kyra Phillips has a history of distorting reality, so it’s not surprising that she would want to do a story on these young men visiting American mosques.  She’s just another leftist hack from CNN who is obsessed with racial politics. 

PHILLIPS: Talking about stereotypes, I even thought you were playing a joke when I saw pictures from Philadelphia, and I thought, “Wait a minute. Those are all white people.” You even said in the blog, “I never prayed with so many white people in my life.” There was kind of a —

TARIQ: It is sort of widened my own horizons. Because I didn’t realize how narrow my perspective of what Muslims in America was. And the community is actually located in a farm. There was (INAUIDBLE) and Sufi Muslim saint that came in the ’70s, and he ended up dying there. So, they built a burial site for him. So, it’s sort of a shrine.

And it was one of the first shrines in all of America. Because here is a huge shrine culture in Islam that happens all over South Asia and the Arab world. Now it’s over here, and so people from all over the world and even just Americans come by to this shrine.

PHILLIPS: What attracted so many white people to this specific mosque?

TARIQ: It’s love, and what’s interesting is that the man that came didn’t seem to speak a lick of English. It was just that I guess his message was so great about love. It wasn’t even about Islam. He introduced Islam toward the end of his time there. So, that was actually pretty fascinating.

Even white people follow Islam!  Islam preaches love!  Don’t be fearful of a mosque at Ground Zero! CNN will not stop at anything when it comes to Islam. If you only watched their network you would think Islam should be America’s faith. Exactly who doesn’t see through this crap?

Later in the interview, another insane exchange takes place.

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