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Howard Dean & The Left’s Ground Zero Mosque Hate Fixation

Posted on August 20 2010 8:00 pm
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Since Barack Obama was elected, the Left’s default reaction to any disagreement has been to scream “bigot,” “hatemonger,” and “racist” as loud as they can. In that sense, their reaction to the national outrage that has occurred over a celebratory mosque being built at Ground Zero has been entirely normal. They scream “bigot” first and think later (or in many cases, never).

However, because this is such a powerful issue and so close to the elections, a funny thing has happened: AFTER liberals defined opposing the mosque at Ground Zero as “bigoted,” Democrats across the country felt compelled to oppose it anyway. Moreover, those Democrats opposed it for EXACTLY the same publicly stated reasons as Republicans opposed the mosque.

In other words, Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Rudy Guiliani, and Sarah Palin all oppose the mosque at Ground Zero for exactly the same publicly stated reasons. In fact, you could take most of their comments about the mosque, mix them up, and it would be difficult to tell the difference.

Ironically, even the Democrats who oppose this mosque, like Howard Dean, are still claiming that Republicans who have EXACTLY the same position that they do on the issue are hatemongers. Don’t believe it? Well take a look…

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