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How David Frum’s Lying Pornographer Alex Knepper is Symbolic of the Blindness and Cowardice of the “Center-Right”

Posted on August 20 2010 3:35 pm
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here

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Does the Right need its own Larry Flynt? Is that what would make David Frum happy?

Frum Forum, the online blog headed by former National Review contributor and self-appointed Conservative Movement reformer David Frum, defines its mission as the “modernization and renewal of the Republican party and the conservative movement.”

Who would have thought that such a “renewal” would include XXX-rated political commentary from one of Frum’s supposed star writers who he has promoted and defended himself?

But that’s exactly what I found last night. Warning: the quote from Frum Forum that follows after the jump is disgusting. But what it ultimately represents is far more troubling. I was dropping by Frum Forum in search of reports on Big Foot. John Guardiano has claimed the beast exists — he and I are in the middle of an argument about a doctrine of so-called “moderate Islam” existing today in a meaningful form amongst the 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet.

Guardiano did not yet have evidence to support his claims yet but I did find a friendly response trashing me and pointing him toward other targets from longtime Frum Forum contributor Alex Knepper.

For the back story on Knepper (a former NewsReal Blog contributor who we fired and who lied about the reasons behind it) see here, here, and especially here for more on his disturbing pedophilia apologist commentary. Needless to say, he and I are not on the best of terms.

I could not help but point out in the comments just how two-faced Knepper was being. I quoted from his NRB application to show that he included Robert Spencer amongst his top 10 influences and stated bluntly that “radical Islam” and “Islam” were synonymous. Knepper’s response to me was to whine about my quoting from his application as a “breathtaking” unprofessional act. When I pointed out that he had done just that when he chose to do his blog lying about why he was fired he lied again, insisting he had just summarized — not that he had quoted from private emails as he was now attacking me for doing. He shut up when I quoted from his original post, proving conclusively that he had just lied to me and his readers.

Knepper also addressed me as “little boy” — a disturbing moniker from someone who has previously defended child molesters and is now hoping to dominate over a political opponent. If that isn’t a Freudian slip then what is? Most shocking, though, was how Knepper’s mind leaped deeper into pornographic territory as he fantasized about putting me in a sexually degrading position:

Yes, this is what Frum Forum contributors — not just some random troll — employ in debate: pornographic commentary of coprophagia and analingus.  And it’s still up on Frum Forum when I published this post.

If a commenter left a comment like that then I’d ban them immediately. (However the remark would never get through our filter since “asshole” is a word that causes comments to automatically get deleted.) And if one of my bloggers wrote something like that in the comments then I’d fire them. It’s perfectly reasonable to do so. I’ve fired people for far less explicit comments.

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