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Jon Stewart: GOP Should Be Paying News Corp

Posted on August 19 2010 7:00 pm
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Bias in the media is something I’m coming to just accept as a fact of life. The editorialization of cable news is pretty much complete, as people want to be entertained by feisty arguments and reinforcements of their opinion. The best way to react to it isn’t to moan and groan but to counter it, and I’m sure that’s what Jon Stewart is trying to do.

Last night, he mocked Glenn Beck for reporting on the left-wing infrastructure that influences the media and politics. Beck focuses on a complex ring of associations, but, as Stewart points out, the GOP-Fox News connection is direct, simple and obvious. And he’s right. When News Corp gives $1 million to the Republican Governors Association and becoming Fox News contributors seems to be part of the mandatory groundwork for a Republican presidential campaign, there isn’t much to argue. But as Stewart beats up on Fox News, what about MSNBC? Is MSNBC any less biased?

Watch the video after the jump:

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This is what confuses me. I have no problem with people pointing out the right-wing tilt of Fox News. This is healthy. But how come no one focuses on MSNBC? Keith Olbermann is certainly as over-the-top as Glenn Beck. And yes, Jon Stewart has made fun of him in the past but it’s clear that Stewart is more passionate and consistent about countering Fox. Maybe it’s because he fears their influence on the country more—much as the typical Fox viewer would fear Stewart’s influence on the younger demographic.

So, what should be done about News Corp’s donations? The Democratic Governors Association wants a disclaimer every time a gubernatorial race is covered. My friend Richard Miniter appropriately reacted on his Facebook page by saying,

“Not a bad idea. Let’s examine the campaign contributions of all the journos covering politics (and their contributions to non-profits) and issue a million disclaimers. Or, we can accept that every one is human and judge the stories as they appear.”

Fox News (generally speaking) supports the GOP. Tell me something I didn’t know.

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