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Why Do Moderate Muslims Hate the Amish?

Posted on August 18 2010 2:00 pm
I'm a newly born Conservative, recovering from a life of misguided liberalism. 40-something, born in Seattle and raised in Washington State.
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Muslims demand religious tolerance. On the other hand, to heck with the Amish.

No sooner do I write that I will never again post about the Ground Zero Mosque than “Red Eye” host Greg Gutfeld brings up the marginal topic absolutely no one in America is discussing.

On tonight’s show, guests Jill Dobson, Bill Hemmer and the absolutely hilarious Stephen Kruiser discussed Park51’s recent attack on an apparently Amish twitter user, which I wrote about yesterday.

Naturally, Gutfeld and crew responded to Park51’s odious, bigoted attack with self-righteous outrage and vitriol. Except, of course, they didn’t. As Gutfeld pointed out:

See, the Mosque folks don’t understand that here in America you can make fun of any religion – yes, even the Amish – and angry followers won’t throw acid in your face or behead you in front of a tripod. And, as primitive as the Amish are, they won’t even stone you to death for adultery. But the tweeting Park51 can be forgiven: maybe they thought the Amish might head out from Lancaster County and fly a buggy straight into their building. Don’t worry, “Parky:” they wouldn’t get the horses through the Lincoln Tunnel.

But hey – at least these Mosque-eteers at Park51 can make fun of the Amish.

Maybe later, they can make fun of themselves.

This is the problem, and quite a big red flag for mosque opponents. The Muslims behind the mosque are quite willing to exhibit common American cultural traits like making fun of people … when it comes to someone else’s religion. Draw a picture of the prophet Mohammed, or suggest building a gay bar catering to Muslim homosexuals, and it’s just not funny.

Thus, a further link between radical Islam and the radical Left is revealed. The first amendment protects the right of Muslims to worship, giving them carte blanche to build what they will where they will. To speak against it, exercising freedom of speech guaranteed by the same amendment, is bigotry and intolerance.

Of course, just as we who oppose the mosque are free to speak out, so are those who disagree with us free to call us bigots. And if it stopped at a free speech standoff, that would be that.

It doesn’t stop there. Today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced political opposition to the mosque should be investigated. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg called a similar investigation of mosque funding “un-American.”

The double standard exhibited by the Park51 Twitter account in ridiculing the religion of another goes far, far beyond a snarky expression of free speech. The radicals of this country, whether Muslim or “merely” Left, really believe that rights should only apply to them. Only people who share a leftist dream for America’s future have the right to move forward. They will do anything to fight those who oppose them.

So, when I ask why do “moderate” Muslims hate the Amish, what I’m really asking is why does the political Left hate America?

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