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Jon Stewart vs. Dick Armey: Comedian Wins Again

Posted on August 18 2010 3:00 pm
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Another bout goes to Jon Stewart. Dick Armey was promoting his new book about the Tea Party on The Daily Show last night and let’s just say it just didn’t work out for him or his cause. The only way it can help the Tea Party movement is by exposing the areas it needs work on. It needs more articulate spokesmen that don’t fall into the hysterical rhetoric that is making all Tea Partiers look crazy. The Tea Party also mustn’t fall into the trap of having a position on every issue, lest it become nothing more than a re-branding of the Republican Party platform.

Watch the interview after the jump:

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The strength of the Tea Party was its reaction to growing government, specifically government spending on things like bailouts. Conservatives unhappy with the Republican Party’s performance are obviously tempted to expand its agenda beyond that but it has to be careful not to lose libertarian-leaning Independents or even fiscally-conservative Democrats. More than anything, becoming a partisan or conservative-on-all-issues outlet will kill the Tea Party.

Conservatives have got to do better than they’ve been doing on The Daily Show. Some will say going on such a platform is hopeless, a battle destined to be lost.

To those that say that, I suggest they go on the show’s archives and look at the performance by Cliff May and the numerous appearances by Newt Gingrich, who I think inserted some much-needed intellectuality to today’s discussions. I watched those interviews with a greater respect and deeper consideration for both sides.

Believe it or not, I believe The Daily Show’s extended interviews are a great asset to our democracy and are an opportunity for both sides to really have their ideas voiced and flushed out beyond the 3-minute segments on cable news that hamstring our political discourse. But it requires people willing and able to take on the task.

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