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10 Young Right-Wingers Being Prepped to Take Over the Conservative Movement (Featuring John Hawkins)

Posted on August 18 2010 6:00 pm
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May I take a moment to brag? It’s my blog; so of course I may! While I never seem to win any awards at these conservative events, the lefties at Alternet have apparently caught a particularly strong whiff of evil in my vicinity, because they’ve put me on their list of 10 Young Right-Wingers Being Prepped to Take Over the Conservative Movement.

On the one hand, it’s a tedious piece full of left-wing boilerplate, but on other hand, I’m on there with Mary Katharine Ham, Kathryn Jean Lopez, & Reihan Salam. So, it’s not so bad. I also think I’m the only independent blogger on the list, too, which is kind of cool.

PS: On a completely related note, I’d like to thank my close, personal friend Melissa Clouthier for the picture associated with the article. First of all, she took the picture, which is the worst picture of me in recorded history — which is a pretty nifty trick, given that I’m not that photogenic anyway. She then, after I asked her not to do so, posted it publicly, where it naturally & immediately spread EVERYWHERE.

Continue reading at Right Wing News.

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