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WaPo Columnist Whines ‘Just Leave the Obamas Alone!’

Posted on August 17 2010 3:00 pm
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Anne Applebaum’s ruling class pedigree and Ivy League education must have opened professional doors for the Washington Post columnist. It’s too bad those same credentials didn’t open her heart to the suffering of the little people.

The superbly educated daughter of Washington power lawyer, Harvey Applebaum and wife of Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sidorski, experienced well-deserved outrage from media types in September 2009 when she wrote a piece in defense of poor, misunderstood Roman Polanski. In essence, she cried that the movie director had suffered enough. Everyone should forget about that nasty business of raping  a 13-year old and just leave the perv alone.

This week she’s defending the first family and for good measure she throws in the Clintons to cover all of her leftist bases.

Only two Presidents in recent memory have not had vacation homes of their own: Bill Clinton and Barack Obama …when Clinton went to Martha’s Vineyard to surround himself with like-minded friends and admirers he was damned as an elitist. So was Obama, who was there last summer for exactly the same reasons.

Clinton may have been accused of being an elitist back in the 1990s when he caroused and played on the island, but the comparison ends there with Obama. Bill’s years in the White House did not include 9.5% unemployment, two wars, 9/11, a deficit in the trillions, an agenda to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America and racial discord.

No matter. The Obamas’ subterranean approval rating among Americans will not interfere with their summer plans. Like Applebaum implies, they need to be surrounded by “an admiring bog” of celebrities and millionaires lest they dare identify with the struggling nobodies living paycheck-to-paycheck. That’s their biggest fear; not the economy, not Afghanistan or Iraq and not the poor schmucks at home where boiling levels are approaching Fahrenheit 212.

The Obamas’ narcissism prevents them from seeing the reality of others. Furthermore, they don’t have the political savvy to pull it off like the Clintons. That’s why enablers like Applebaum must come to their rescue. In closing, the columnist states:

Let the Obama family go on vacation. Let them go wherever they want. Let them do whatever they want. Let the President work out, play basketball, whatever. Let the first lady read a good novel and have lunch with whomever she pleases…why do we need to think about them when we’re on vacation too?

Ms. Applebaum, perhaps you could come down to earth for just a minute and see that we have been letting them do whatever they want for almost two years and that’s the problem.

Lastly, your final question brilliantly illuminates the mile-wide gap between the leftist elites and hard-working taxpayers. The callous, empty-headed, and bewildering insensitivity toward those who cannot afford a vacation at a time of one of the worst recessions in recent history induces a nauseous sensation.

Yale and Oxford may give you book smarts, Anne, but what you and the Obamas need are heart smarts.

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