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Matt Lieglesias Has Advocated Lying Before

Posted on August 17 2010 8:00 pm
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Liberals spend much of their time trying to hide what they believe from the public while conservatives are perpetually frustrated by the fact that the American people don’t seem to understand what we really believe. Both problems spring from a single source: liberals lie incessantly. That’s not to say that there aren’t conservative liars or truthful liberals; there are, but for liberals, lying is the rule, not the exception. — John Hawkins

Many people believe that liberals and conservatives are just flip sides of the same coin — except with different ideologies. This is not true. When you really become immersed in politics, you find that liberals and conservatives are very different in the way they approach politics and life.

One of those differences is that liberals consider it socially acceptable to lie. Although there are liberals who are honest about their agenda and the motivations of their opponents, they are rare individuals. Happily, because the internet lets people talk without editors, there are liberals who are willing to admit that they think it’s fine to lie for the sake of politics.

That brings us to Matt Yglesias. He’s a prominent liberal blogger who has written for Tapped, the Atlantic, & TPMCafe. Currently, Yglesias is with the Center for American Progress. So, we’re not talking about someone on the fringes or from the comments section of the Daily Kos. The liar in question here is a very prominent liberal blogger.

Now, here’s what Yglesias had to say about lying last week,

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