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Conservative candidate’s Wikipedia edits traced to Canada’s largest newspaper

Posted on August 17 2010 1:00 pm
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Rob Ford is running for Mayor of Toronto. (American readers: think of a blond Chris Christie.)

Some recent polls show Ford in the lead. The local punditry is outraged because Ford is a “racist homophobe” something or other, he’s a businessman (ew!) and he’s, er, well, a little on the husky side.

(Ford’s alleged “racism” didn’t stop a thousand folks of every hue attending one of his recent fundraisers, or prominent black Torontonians from endorsing him.)

I don’t agree with a lot of Ford’s positions (to install security cameras all over the city, for example), but as one t-shirt puts it, at least “He’s not a communist.”

Anyhow, from our “What liberal media??” file comes an interesting find this morning.

My fellow blogger (and husband) BCF has the story (and the screenshots):

Sharp eyed Rob Ford supporter ES has caught someone from an IP address traced to the Toronto Star “editing” Rob Ford’s wikipedia page to include reference to a parody web site

Legal steps were taken against the parody site and its author elected to remove it. Check out comment no. 7 for ES’s revelation of the wikipedia editor’s identity.

I thought the Star had reached a new low when they hired Heather Mallick however this escapade shows a determined effort to plumb ever greater depths of left wing derangement.

Papers are supposed to report the news, they should not be engaging in election hijinks.

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