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Hot Post:Obama’s Birthday Fun Lasts Five Days-Maybe He’s Really 13?

Posted on August 15 2010 3:00 pm

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How old is the President?  Rush Limbaugh thinks August 4, the chief’s birthday, may not be correct.

Okay, but what about his emotional age?

Last week marked Obama’s 49th birthday. The celebration began Wednesday evening at a dinner in Chicago with Oprah Winfrey and officially ended on Sunday at the White House with a barbecue.

In between he did run around to various Democratic fundraisers and gave another upbeat speech at a Ford auto plant touting his economic plan as a boon to  creating jobs.  With those annoying chores out of the way, he hit the golf course on Saturday and played basketball  at Fort McNair while wounded war veterans watched. Then more fun on Sunday with best pal, Reggie Love above, and some pros from the sport he just adores.

With Michelle and the girls out of town, Obama’s never-ending fantasy week reminded me of the 1988 movie Big with Tom Hanks.

In the film, 13-year old Josh visits a fortune teller machine at an amusement park and makes a wish. He wants to  be grown up. The next morning he wakes up in the body of a 30-year old man. Unfortunately, he still feels and acts like a teen. He somehow falls into a job at a toy company, makes a very good salary and rents a fancy, Manhattan apartment. He and his best friend, Billy, furnish the place with bunk beds, basketball hoops, video games and generally  have a blast.

It’s a lot like that at Barack’s place -the White House. The kid woke up and found out that he’s the leader of the best little capitalist country in the whole world. There’s nothing he can’t buy, there’s nowhere he can’t go and nothing he can’t do. There’s no adults in the House telling him ‘No.’  And a couple miles away his Democrat buddies and a few RINO’S keep giving in to his every demand. ‘Here’s a few trillion, little Barry, now go have some fun.’

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