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From the Frenetic and Overheated Mind of A “Typical” Adolescent: Nick Nampion’s Top 10 Fun Videos

Posted on August 15 2010 12:00 pm
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This post will automatically beg the question: Why would anyone care what some 14-year-old kid likes in the realm of comedy and music videos? Do we really want to view his top-10 lineup? Aren’t there more important things to waste our time with?

Well, I would posit that it’s good to at least know what our adolescent (in this case male) population views as valuable and important. After all, they will be adults at least some time in the near future, and part of what they carry into society comes from what they view and listen to and share with their friends.

Besides, everybody else seems to have some sort of “list.” They are all the rage these days, ranging from the trivial to the momentous to the best to the worst. Each of them is somebody’s attempt to get your attention, to scream out

“Hey! This is what I think is important! I’ve taken 20 Zillion choices and distilled them down to the most meaningful bits! Once you listen to what I have to say, you will agree with me, and your life will improve instantly!”

Or something like that.

So why would it be surprising that my 14-year-old son wants to get in on the act? Let’s overlook the fact that some of his “choices” might seem craven or crude to the average adult-onset mind. The opportunity to see into any teenager’s head is just too big an opportunity to pass up. If we could all get past the sullenness and the sarcasm and the “God I am soooo in-cred-i-ble” persona of the average high-school freshman we just might find a bright and creative and ultra-intelligent mind – and maybe, possibly, perhaps – we might also breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that these kids aren’t all that different from their predecessors, and that maybe they will do just fine when they finally get their turn at that big craps table some of us call “life.”

(Yeah, that last analogy? Simply awful writing! I’m gonna leave it in anyway….)

Oh, by the way: His name is Nick. And this is just some of what he enjoys:

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