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Big Surprise! Most Radical Pro-Abortion Administration Ever Approves Ella

The morning after pill, available at your local pharmacy without a prescription, wasn’t enough for the liberators. I mean, what if a sister has unprotected sex, can’t get to the pharmacy for three or four days and then it’s too late.

Well, not to worry. The Food and Drug Administration, headed by Chicago-born Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Ted Turner’s top scientist at his Nuclear Threat Initiative and board member at Sasha and Malia Obama’s school, ably guided the 5 day-after drug known as ‘ella’ through the approval process. Officials from the agency announced the decision today, Friday the 13th.

The debate over its sale as a contraceptive as opposed to its abortive potential will most likely continue but to no avail. Its chemical similarity to RU-486, the abortion drug, and the fact that it has not been tested in that capacity leaves the question in limbo for the time being.

Kirsten Moore of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project praised an FDA advisory committee which unanimously supported Ella’s approval:

Women’s health advocates appreciate that the review process for ella was consistent with standard FDA procedure and based on scientific evidence, not politics…Approval of ella is further evidence that the FDA is committed to restoring scientific integrity in its decision.

Someone once said that it’s not what leftists say, it’s that they actually believe what they’re saying.

“Scientific integrity?” Not “political?” Kirsten, you lie.

The fact is that the FDA has approved ella as a contraceptive, in spite of its similarity to RU-486,  so that federal tax dollars, not allowed for the abortion drug, will be available for ella. It is ‘included in the list of services that health plans will have to pay for under the new health reform law.”

The fact is that Dr. Hamburg ,who has worked with population control zealot Ted Turner and Bill Clinton in their efforts to promote reproductive health in third world countries, was chomping at the bit to approve the newest anti-life drug.

Ella will make her appearance by the end of the year, according to Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. Its 120-hour effectiveness after unprotected sex, its sale as a contraceptive instead of an abortion drug, and the current culture of ‘girls gone wild’ that awaits the pill can only mean one thing–more meaningless hooking up.

When will the death-obsessed enemies of life leave our young women’s wombs alone?

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